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Hawkesbury East Airport (CPG5)
3435 County Road 17
Hawkesbury, Ontario



The Hawkesbury Flying Club is a group of people in the Hawkesbury, Ontario area who have an interest in flying. One does not have to own an aircraft nor even have a pilot license to join - everyone is welcome.

We usually meet the first Saturday of each month at 8:30 AM in our clubhouse at the Hawkesbury East Airport (PG5) for breakfast. These meetings are informal. Please drop by for a visit!

Usually in November we hold our annual meeting. This is when we elect our officials for the year and confirm our officials for the COPA Flight registration.

Le Hawkesbury Flying Club est un groupe de personnes dans la région  d'Hawkesbury qui ont un intérêt pour l'aviation. Pas besoin de posséder un  avion, ni même d'avoir une licence de  pilote pour être membre; il suffit d'être  passioné!  Tout le monde sont le  bienvenue!

Regularly Held Events:

COPA Flight 131 monthly breakfast meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month from 0830 t0 1100 hrs. Come and talk about aviation with passionate flyers, make new friends and enjoy the friendly, homey atmosphere. For more information, please call Michel at 819-923-6767 or HawkesburyFlyingClub@gmail.com. The airport web site is http://www.easthawkesburyairport.com

Escadrille 131 déjeuner mensuel les 1er samedis du mois de 8h30 à 11h. Venez parler aviation et faire de nouveaux amis dans une ambiance amicale. Pour plus d'information, contactez Michel 819-923-6767 ou HawkesburyFlyingClub@gmail.com. Notre site web pour l’aéroport est http://www.easthawkesburyairport.ca